What is a Bouquet CSA?


A bouquet CSA is a simple and affordable way to access fresh, locally grown flowers for your home, business or even as a gift to a loved one. For $60/month you can enjoy flowers every week during the summer season. This breaks down to $15/week - which is the average cost of a grocery store bouquet.

However, often times when people ask us about the Tiny Fields' Bouquet CSA, the first questions is What is a CSA? or some form of How does a CSA work? Both are excellent questions!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Consumer Supported Agriculture. It's a tool for farmers and other producers to bring together communities of people to financially support a farm's production of crops over the course of a season. Most CSAs work by selling a "share" of crops to individuals, families and businesses.  A customer pays for their share at the beginning of the growing season and in return, over the course of that growing season, the farmer supplies that customer with a weekly share of the farm's crop.

For more than two decades, CSAs have changed the landscape for small farms. By offering safe, quality products to local communities, farmers have found a new tool to sell products and people love it! Most supply fruits and vegetables to their customers. Some CSAs even supply beef, chicken and other protein. It's an easy way to have a weekly supply of fresh, local, seasonal products; plus, one has the added benefit of knowing where the produce came from and who took the time and care to grow it.

Benefits to Customers

  • Fresh, local, seasonal produce

  • Customers build a relationship with their farmer

  • Exposure to new, unique varieties

Benefits to Farmers

  • Exposure to engaged and passionate customers

  • Predictable source of income without the pressures of mass-production

  • The ability to diversify crops (and biodiversity)

How is a Bouquet CSA Different?

While we don't offer fruits or vegetables, we do offer over 100 varieties of cut flowers. So, instead of picking up a weekly box of veggies, you receive about 15 assorted stems of garden variety blooms, herbs, and greenery fresh from our flower fields in Churchville, VA each week. Every bouquet is wrapped in kraft paper and delivered to a local pickup spot.

Over the course of the season, you can expect sunflowers, snapdragons, zinnia, calendula, amaranth, lilies, dahlias, along with many other annual and perennial flowers and herbs. Our flowers are planted and harvested with thoughtful love and care.

If you are a habitual flower buyer, you know that, on average, a weekly bouquet from a large grocer is about $15 each. For same cost, you can have flowers that are grown locally and not flown thousands of miles.

What's Best About Our Bouquet CSA

  • Fresh, local, seasonal flowers weekly

  • Exciting, new, unique varieties

  • Tiny Fields uses NO harmful pesticides or chemicals

  • A beautiful gift for family & loved ones

  • A great option for businesses or office spaces

What Does a Membership Cost?

The cost of a bouquet subscription is $60 per month. You can register for 1 month, 2 months or all 4 months!  If you decide to register for the entire season (June - September), you will receive a discount = $225 for the entire season.

Where Do I Pickup?

Pickup your weekly bouquet every Wednesday starting June 5th at 2 convenient locations:

  • Newtown Baking - 960 W. Beverley St, Staunton, VA / Pick up between 4pm - 6pm

  • Churchville Mille Shoppe - 85 Hotchkiss Rd, Churchville, VA / Pick up between 9am - 6pm

  • Gypsy Hill Place - 300 Churchville Ave, Staunton, VA /Delivered between 3pm-4pm
    (For Residents Only)