Weddings & Special events

Flowers make the most


May through October, Tiny Fields Farm offers an abundance of vibrant sustainably-grown flowers perfect for your wedding or special events.  Our services include Al a Carte, e.g. custom bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres & focal arrangements.  We also offer bulk flowers for groups that want to create their own arrangements.

If your in the process of planning your wedding or special event, and you have questions about color or varieties, learn more about our flowers and the colors and varieties to expect during each season.

For more information or a quote, send us more details by completing our wedding & events form or click Request Information.


A la Carte

Fresh seasonal flowers bring a classic and unique story to every event. Tiny Fields is happy to provide custom arrangements made from the week's freshest varieties. 

Arrangements include:

  • Bouquets
  • Corsages & boutonnieres
  • Flower crowns
  • Focal arrangements
  • Full garden centerpiece

Bulk Flowers

Buying flowers in bulk may be a budget friendly option that is right for you and your event.  Buckets of seasonal blooms fresh from the garden make special events and weddings easy for do-it-yourself designs. Each bucket contains the all ingredients you need to create distinctive bouquets and arrangements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many stems come in a bucket? 
Buckets are estimated to have 60 - 80 stems of varieties that are blooming at the time of your event.

How many arrangements can be made with each bucket of blooms? 
Consider your vase size. Depending on how full or loose you would like your arrangements, one bucket would be enough to make about 5 quart sized mason jars. 

Can I requests specific colors?
Upon request we will do our best to use colors of your preference. Keep in mind that bulk flowers are reflection of what is blooming at the time of your event and are strictly seasonal.  

Can I request specific flowers in my buckets? 
We will do our best to be accommodate your color choices and a reflection of your favorites. Our bulk buckets are seasonal and provide what is fresh that time of year. Some favorites may be a premium or specialty flower that are sold separately from bulk buckets. Upon your flower request we can see if it needs to be ordered separately. Premium specialty flowers that are in season may be ordered by the bunch, 10 stems in one bunch. Prices may range for bunches depending on the variety. 

Price List

Premium and special seasonal variety 

Prices are per single stem. For more details on when varieties are typically available please read more about Tiny Fields flowers.

Peony: $3-5
Snapdragon: $1-2
Anemone: $1-2
Ranunculus: $2-3
Sunflower: $1-2.50
Dahlia: $2-5
Lisianthus: $2-3
Tulip: $1-2
Daffodil: $1-2
Gladiolus: $2
Stock: $1-2